Are you in need for Disability Support Services? There are many options available if you are. There are two options: volunteer with community groups or government programs. Both options can help you live independently and achieve the life you’ve always dreamed of. Below are the options available to me. This article also discusses how to get an accessible textbook. This article will also discuss the importance of documentation. For more information, please refer to the links below.

Students with disabilities

The process of seeking accommodation from disability support staff at college is different to that of a highschool student. A student will be consulted by a disability services officer to determine the academic and nonacademic accommodations that are necessary. Once the decision has been made, the officer will send a letter of recommendation to the professor. The process of notifying professors varies from college to college. For more information, please contact the disability services office of your child.

The New School’s student disabilities services office coordinates educational services for students who have disabilities, including accommodations. This office will review the request, and determine if it is reasonable. The office will also be able to provide a letter that outlines what has worked well for students in similar classes. Once the student has provided the disability support services office with all the necessary documentation, the student can then apply for an accommodation. Once the request is approved, the student can begin classes.


Student Disability Services will review the documentation provided by students to determine the need for accommodations. These documents should be current and reflect any changes in disability impact over the course of time. These details will allow student Disability Services staff to plan for different functional impacts. Students without documentation can still meet DAS staff to discuss accommodations. Sometimes, documentation of disability may not be required. In such cases, the documentation can be provided on a voluntary basis.

Two purposes are served by disability documentation. It describes the functional effects of the disability. Second, it can help determine whether the disability is severe enough to warrant accommodation. Documentation is vital when evaluating requests to accommodate or provide auxiliary aids. Evaluations will include the impact on course or program goals and standards of disability documentation. Disability support services may not be able to provide accommodations or other aids if documentation is missing.


Students with disabilities can receive educational accommodations through Disability Support Services (DSS). These students are supported to overcome obstacles and reach academic goals. Depending on the type of disability, accommodations can be offered for academic courses, tutoring, and more. The office can also be a helpful resource for students seeking academic support. Students may be eligible and meet the eligibility requirements to receive disability accommodations. Students can contact DSPS for a list of accommodations that are frequently provided.

Students with disabilities need to notify the office at least one month before the semester begins. Accommodations are required. Students who don’t have disability documentation can use the Writing Center or other support services. Students must provide the required medical documentation to be eligible for interim support. Documentation must specify the specific disability and the required accommodations. It should be signed by a licensed healthcare provider. The disability documentation should indicate the nature and extent of the student’s physical or mental impairment.

Accessible textbooks

The Department of Education is making it easier for educators to provide textbooks for students with disabilities by expanding the availability of accessible instructional materials. The NIMAC initiative mandates that all state education systems provide accessible textbooks in Braille and large print. The exemption to copyright law allows etext versions printed instructional materials to exist without violating any copyright.

The Accessible Book Collection is a private initiative that emphasizes access to school-aged readers. It offers digital text versions for print materials that are exempted from Section 121 copyright. The collection also lists Flesch-Kincaid reading difficulty levels for the books. It is important for schools and colleges to provide accessible textbooks for students with disabilities, because they can make a significant impact on the quality of education. There are many accessible textbooks available, but all share some common features.

Ivy Tech Community College’s Office of Disability Support Services

Students must register with Ivy Tech Community College’s Office for Disabilities Support Services to be eligible for disability accommodation. Once registered, students must submit documentation that proves their disability. You can send this documentation by mail, fax, or online through the DSS’s portal. Each semester, students must renew their DSS registration. Students must submit a form each semester indicating that they are registered with the DSS.

The Office of Disability Support Services provides academic accommodations for students with disabilities. This office works with faculty, staff, referral agencies, and other institutions to provide the necessary accommodations. Before each semester begins, students must meet with the Disability Support Services manager. Academic adjustments may be available for qualified students who meet the criteria. To learn more about the services of Disability Support Services, please contact us today.