Although the Empire State Building’s security guard job may sound glamorous, it is not up to par with other towers. The Pay is low and benefits are marginal. The working conditions are not conducive for protecting the building or historic landmark. In this article we will examine the key components that make for a quality guard company. We will also discuss how you can hire a trustworthy, reliable security company. The first and most important step in hiring a security guard is to do background checks on the candidates.

Quality guard service is only possible with proper training and supervision

G4S security personnel have been accused in numerous instances of misconduct, including underpayments of wages or unethical behavior. A reporter conducted an investigation into G4S security officers and found that nearly half of them were not properly trained and had abused their power. G4S received more than 500 complaints last year about misconduct and unethical conduct. Guards are often understaffed and work for 16 hours per day.

G4S is the world’s largest private security company, providing guards to thousands of government agencies and businesses. Reporters interviewed former and current employees, and interviewed victims of workplace violence to uncover the issues. The investigation revealed questionable hires driven by low wages and high turnover. G4S executives retaliated to employees who raised safety issues. G4S executives have dismissed the allegations, despite their seriousness.

Pay is low

Security guards at the Empire State Building make very little money and are often the first to report any complaints of harassment from management. These employees are a large part of the city’s workforce, but their pay is low and they get little training. Not only are they low-paid, but security guards also receive poor benefits. The pay is still low, but it is much lower than other NYC jobs. Security guards also report poor training.

SEIU Local 32BJ, which is the largest property services union, is fighting to increase the pay of security guards at Empire State Building. The union represents over 4000 security guards and 60,000 property services workers in New York City. Recent rallies were organized by the union for security guards as well as other workers. The SEIU Local 32BJ rally in New York City was held to garner support for their cause.